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David has written various papers in chemical journals, numerous articles and reviews as well as the following recent papers:

  1. Papers on the environment and climate change

Climate and Gospel

Ethical investments in relation to climate change

Power point presentation:  Climate and Gospel

Talk on climate change   for Diocese of  Bath and Wells

The ‘Ash Wednesday Declaration‘ by Operation Noah Theology Group

The Theatre of God’s glory‘ a paper for the Society of Ordained Scientists

A response to the Global Warming Policy Foundation paper on the Papal Enclyclical ‘Laudato Si’

The science of climate change

Hope Rediscovered:  climate change and gospel. A lecture for Norwich Theological Society March 2019

Christian Ethics and Climate Change  Crucible April 2019

Green Christian Magazine: article on ‘Hope Rediscovered.’ Summer 2019

2.   Papers on human relationships, marriage, sexuality

Why Christians Disagree’

Begging to Differ’ – an article for Third Way magazine December 1995.

A talk on “Fatherhood” in the Bible

The C/E and Homosexuality;  a chapter in Terry Brown ed. Other Voices, Other Worlds

Reflections on marriage with reference to Emil Brunner 2014

Paul’s concern for women in Timothy’s churches

A response to the letter from Evangelical Bishops to LLF Oct 2018

3.  Some papers on health / counselling / healing

Articles in Anvil

Foreword for book on Friendship

Abused and in need of apology

4.  Some papers on science, psychology, politics and religion

 The Quest for Truth and Freedom (Part 1) – Polanyian reflections

The Quest for Truth and Freedom (Part 2) – Polanyian reflections

Foreword for Derek Osborne‘s book ‘Rain to my Roots: a Pastor among the Psychologists’ White Tree, 2015.

Church Times article on Polanyi

Article on Richard Dawkins and ‘The God Delusion’ for Church Times

5.  Miscellaneous

Comments on Sam Harris ‘Moral Landscape’

Paper on stewardship

The ethics of nuclear deterrence